Kardinia Childcare & Kindergarten

When Debbie Barker from Kardinia Childcare & Kindergarten came to us for help making some display easels for their Art show, GEMS sprung into action.

Mike Duthie came up with a simple design and the ever reliable team of Jim Bailey and Mike Lake (ably assisted on paint pen and setsquare by Roger Scerri) built 10 easels in the super fast time of 3 days.

These photos show the final product in action.....

Election of GEMS Committee of Management 2015-2016

The 2015 Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 30th July 2015 elected a new 8 member Committee of Management

  • President Ian Hughes
  • Vice President Mike Duthie
  • Secretary Wayne Clarke
  • Treasurer Yuri Edwards
  • Assistant Secretary Roger Scerri
  • Dave Bailey
  • Gary Luke
  • Tad Novak

The GEMS Membership would like to acknowledge those members who nominated but were not elected. It's great that 14 members put up their hands. Unfortunately, only 8 Committee members were required after a successful motion to reduce the Committee from 10 to 8. However, again, thank you for standing up for the call, please try again next year.

You can discuss any issue with any Committee member however remember that any issue you want considered and discussed by committe must be submitted in writing.

The individual members of the Committee have provided their phone numbers and email addresses for direct contact if you would prefer.

News from Theo

For those wondering what happened to our tenth committee member, Theo, here is a photo of him in Switzerland, Yodell-eh-ee-who!!!

THEO UPDATE, WANTED .... the bastard's back. He's on the run from Interpol wanted for unspecified actions in Mexico. Do not approach this man.


We would like to thank the Geelong Advertiser for visiting our Shed to take photos and write a story on our members.

Buy the Addy tomorrow and see what we've been up to.



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Caption on an image