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The Geelong East Men's Shed is a men's health initiative:

Meet socially on a regular or casual basis,
Experience new activities and crafts,
Networking for members and the community,
Sharing experiences and ideas,

Skills to learn and teach,
Helping other members and the community,
Environment of friendship and equality,
Diverse programs and active involvement.

The Geelong East Men's Shed is a great opportunity to meet new mates, learn new skills, and share your knowledge and interests. Participate in woodwork projects (in our fully equipped workshop), a quiet game of chess, a hand of cards, or just a chat and a coffee in an atmosphere of good old fashioned mateship.

Occasionally we assist in community projects, meet up with other Men's Shed groups to share ideas et., visit sites of interest and invite guest speakers on topics of interest to men.

Statement of Purposes of the Geelong East Men's Shed

  • To provide a not for profit association to address the prevalent issue of older men's well being, in a non clinical manner, yet with links to professional support.

  • To provide opportunities for the elderly, those with disability, war veterans, indigenous and other marginalised groups of men to positively engage with the Geelong East (and neighbouring) communities.

  • To establish and administer a community accessible venue which provides social and hands on activities, health information and mature age educational experiences.

  • To provide the opportunity for members to work together as volunteers on community projects.

  • To support men in transitional periods of their lives such as loss and bereavement, unemployment, retirement, ill health, relocation, isolation, trauma and/or depression.

  • To enable men to provide and receive mutual support whilst sharing skills and knowledge.

  • To provide the opportunity for members to remain physically active and mentally stimulated whilst increasing the capacity of older men to contribute to their community through access to specialist tools and equipment.